Dream Catcher with a Modern Twist and a Little Bling-Bling

Dream Catcher with a Modern Twist and a Little Bling-Bling

I volunteer as the leader for the Girl Guides with Samantha every Wednesday night, so some of the crafts we try out at home, we do with the Brownies after. In this case, I wanted to make a sample to show the Brownies. I thought it would be fun to make dream catchers, but I also thought that they would be cuter if we updated the idea a little, and gave them a little sparkle!
To make a “modern dream catcher”, you need some yarn, a metal hoop, a few rhinestones and feathers.
I started with a full ball of yarn, I didn’t cut it because I didn’t want a knot in the middle, but tying it is not a problem if you need to. The first step is to cover the outside of the hoop with the yarn. Basically, you are just tying a knot around the hoop. Do this by bringing the yarn across the loop…

Then, bring the end through the middle and pull tight.

Repeat tying all the way around until the metal hoop is totally covered with yarn.

After covering the entire ring, I decided to attach a loop to hang it from, so I made a braided cord by making a loop, like a slip knot. You make a loop, then pull another loop through the loop, and pull it tight, and repeat until it is the length you want.

Then, to make the inside of the dreamcatcher, you loop the yarn the same way as you did around the outside. The trick is to evenly space the loops, and pull tight.

Then pull each loop tight…and keep looping around the center of each string.

And keep going around…

Until you get to the middle, then tie a knot…

Then, I tied on a few feathers to the end of the yarn.

Then I glued on a few rhinestones with a hot glue gun.

All done!



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