Valentine’s Garland


Happy valentines day! I have been sick with that horrible cold that has been going around, but I can finally think straight again, so I will share a Valentine’s day project I made last week.
Every month to decorate my library, I am always looking for quick and easy projects. It’s even better if the projects are easy enough for kids to help!
This idea is quick, easy, and really cute! I used a recycled encyclopedia, but you could use any paper…anything from newspaper to scrapbooking paper would work.
I started by ripping a few pages out of an encyclopedia. Cutting the paper into strips would be easy to do with a paper cutter, but I just had scissors, so I cut about 5 pages at a time. I started by cutting a bunch of strips lengthwise. I didn’t measure, I just cut the strips about an inch wide.

Then I cut a bunch of strips the width of the paper.

So, you should end up with two piles of strips of paper…

Then staple four strips together, put the two short strips on the outside, so they are in this order.

Then stack them in a pile so the ends are even, and staple them together like this…

Next, fold the strips over so that they form the bottom of the heart, like this…

Before you staple the bottom of the heart closed, add a long strip and a short strip to each side. The short strips should be on the outsides.

Then staple all of the strips together like this…

After that, bend the strips over to make another heart, make sure to make them even on the bottom..

Then, just like before, add another short strip and a long strip to the outside, then staple.

Before long, you will end up with a great looking chain!
I made my chains four hearts long and I hung them in the windows of my library. It’s hard to take a good photo, but here is the best I could do, I think you get the idea!


When I got home, I thought I would try out the same idea, but with nicer paper. Off course, the kids wanted to try too, so here are their creations. As you can see, Dylan made a long chain, but Samantha ended up making a heart person…




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