How to Make touchscreen gloves in 3 minutes


I have no idea how this works, but did you know that metallic thread can convert a regular pair of gloves into touchscreen gloves? Last year I spent $40.00 on the cheapest pair that had holes in them within a few weeks.
All you need is a pair of gloves, some metallic thread, and a needle.

Because the thread was so thin, I folded in half, then threaded the needle so that I was actually sewing with four threads.

I turned the glove inside out so that my knot was on the inside, and because I am right handed, I used the index finger of the right glove.

Then, I sewed a little starburst design on the fingertip.

Knotted and cut off the thread from the inside, and that’s it! You just saved yourself $40.00!


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  1. It was fun having to borrow these gloves during the snow storm on the weekend and to think that I forgot to play with my phone to try them out! ………… fun and handy and no more cold hands!


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