The piano project! Part One -no turning back now!


So, a couple years ago I answered an ad on-line where someone was offering a free piano. All I had to do was move it! So, I put an ad on craigslist asking for a quote for the cheapest mover. I ended up hiring the cheapest quote, and to make a long story short, I got what I paid for… The “movers” pulled up in my driveway with the piano laying on its side in the back of their pick up truck! They somehow managed to get it off the truck, and up the stairs to our front door. But believe it or not, it still plays pretty well! It’s on my bucket list to learn how to play the piano, and I would love for the kids to learn too. But, the keys are in rough shape. A lot of them are chipped and broken off. Here’s a picture…


Here is what I would love to see it look like:



Have you ever seen a rainbow piano before? Me neither! But I did see on line that there is a kids piano program where the keys are colour coded.
When I first got the piano, I ordered a set of replacement keys from a website, along with glue and clamps.

My plan was to replace the broken keys with the new white ones. But then I started thinking…why can’t I use the replacement keys as a pattern, and make they keys out of something else?
Right now, I am thinking I am going to make new keys out of polymer clay like Fimo or Sculptey. But, I will make a couple test keys first.
No matter what material I use, I have to take off all of the ivory off the rest of the keys. I used a compinatiion of a scraping knife, pairing knife, and exacto knife to chip off most of the keys.


Some of the keys popped off easily, but most of them cracked, chipped and came off in small pieces

I am now officially at the stage in the project where there is no turning back! I am also at the stage where I am thinking that maybe I should have thought this through a litlle more.
This weekend we a have birthday party, computer classes, eye exams for the whole family, and we were thinking about taking the kids skiing on Sunday…did I mention we are going away next week? So packing should probably be in our plans somewhere right! There is lots of time left over to renovate a piano right? OK, it might take a while, but keep checking in with me! If you have any suggestions for materials I could use for the keys, please comment!!! Don’t forget, they have to be rainbow!

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