Packing for a cruise


We are planning for a cruise, and I have spent some time lately looking at many different packing lists for cruises. So, I thought I would share it with you….I didn’t bother adding clothing, this is more of a “everything you may not have thought of” kind of list. I am a bit of a freak when it comes to packing, I like to be prepared for any situation, sickness, or emergency that might happen, let’s just say I have a long history of overpacking, so please take from this list what works for you and your family!


Cruise packing list
refillable water bottles
travel coffee mugs
Bug spray
After bite
Ear plugs
duct tape (you never know what you’ll need duct tape for)
masking tape, or scotch tape
Alarm clock (runs on batteries)
sticky notes (to leave note to each other)
Crazy glue
current pictures of everyone (hope you never need these)
walkie talkies
power bar, and/or extension cord (never would have thought of this…but great idea!)
glow sticks (the kids love these, no batteries, great substitute for a nightlight)
Zip lock bags (I bring lots of these, different sizes, great for everything from shampoo to wet bathing suits)
Zip ties (one again, you never know…)
night light (if you don’t have glow sticks…I’m bringing both 🙂
small reading light
Sewing kit
Corkscrew (maybe I should have put this at the top of the list)

In my First aid kit, I added:
advil, kids and adult
cough drops
A5-35 or Deep Cold
Tiger Balm
nail clippers
bandaids -different sizes
blister pads

-water shoes
-dress shoes
-running shoes
-comfortable sandals
-flips flops

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  1. I am thinking of you and hoping that you are having a wonderful time! Thanks, as I added some additional stuff to my already full suitcase!


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