Eggs with Bling!


How many posts have I used the word, “bling” in? I should look it up…anyways, it is a great word, and there are so many things you can add a little bling to! Every season or holiday, I find a new project to use my rhinestones for!
So, for Easter I thought, why not add some sparkle to some eggs?
I know this is last minute for Easter, but this really is an easy craft.
You need some of those plastic eggs. I had these cool metallic eggs. You also need some rhinestones, and a hot glue gun.

When my glue gun heated up, I started by gluing a few rhinestones around the seam to glue it shut.

Then, fill up the rest of the space with more! Keep gluing until you have covered the whole egg. I made my first one all out of the same shape and colour of rhinestones.

As I was digging through my pile I started sorting the rhinestones into piles of matching colours.

And I found metallic eggs that were similarly coloured…

So, as I was watching tv last night, I mad a few eggs. I started by using monochromatic colours…

But then I tried a few using different colours, stripes, and I even tried to make one in a flower pattern (although it is almost impossible to see the flowers, it still looks cool.)

Can you see the flowers?

Here they are finished…


Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!

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  1. This looks like a great idea. In the recipe you have “1 tsp cup sugar”. Ummm, which is it? a teaspoon or a cup of sugar – I’m guessing a teaspoon, but want to make sure. Enjoying your blog – found it because of the construction paper rocks (which I remember from my childhood).


      • I’ve been enjoying your blogs. You remind me of me back when my kids were younger. I home schooled them, or rather “unschooled” them but we did many experiential things – much like what you do with your kids. If you are curious, my oldest just graduated with a BSc in Biology and my youngest is taking grade 11 and 12 classes in a transition year as he goes from home schooling to “real” school. I’m also back at university doing a Masters and have little time for much else. Your blog is one of my brain relaxers! Loved the cough drop idea with the icing sugar mold. (I’m not assuming you homeschool, just that you are spending time with your kids doing fun stuff – this will reap many rewards as they grow older)


      • I meant to your reply earlier, but got busy and forgot! Thanks so much for your positive comments! We have had so much fun writing this blog…anything we do, the kids say, “Why don’t you blog it mom?” It has been fun looking back and seeing some of the things we have done in the last year…I wish I had more time!
        Wow, you must be so proud of your kids. I can really understand how fast time passes with kids…next time I blink my kids will be that age too! I can’t believe my son is turning 10 this year…10!
        Anyways, take care, thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them!


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