Two Ingredient Cake -Try #2


A couple of weeks ago, I tried a two ingredient cake using pumpkin pie filling and chocolate cake. It turned out pretty well, but I thought I wanted to give it another try, after all, why use pumpkin filling when I could use blueberry…duh!

So I dug out a box of angel food cake mix and a can of blueberry pie filling…

Then, I dumped them both into a bowl together…

I mixed it with a beater for about two minutes.
Then, poured it into a 9 x 12 cake pan. I preheated the oven at 350 degrees, it took over 45 minutes to cook, but this is what it looked like when it came out of the oven!


Notice I said, that was what it looked like when it came out of the oven…..well, after about two minutes, the cake fell and didn’t look quite as pretty! But, it still tasted great! I think maybe next time I will try vanilla cake mix instead of angel food cake. But, it really was good…
While I am on the subject, I have to tell you about a website I came across called, Pintrosity. It shows photos of projects found on Pinterest that haven’t worked out… I have tried a few things that haven’t worked out, which I never really publicize, but from now on I am going to write about them and post them on this website, it is hilarious! I wish I had taken a photo of the cake after it fell…

Pintrosity website

Here are a couple pics from the website…



Anyways, the two ingredient cake is delicious! Even if it was only a centimetre thick in the middle.



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