How to get to sleep question book


My kids are almost 14 months apart, so throughout the years we have tried just about everything to get them to sleep. They have both never been great sleepers, so whatever we needed to do to get them to sleep, we did!
When they were babies, and contained in their cribs, that was difficult to deal with, but as they got older, the issues changed. Both my kids are worriers, like me, so frequently they wouldn’t be able to sleep because they were worrying about something. So, we needed a bedtime distraction… Something else to think about! So we started our, “What Do We Think About Before we go to Sleep Question Book” We thought of questions that don’t have right or wrong answers, and would list as many ideas as possible. The parent in me loved the idea because it distracted them, and help get them to sleep, and the teacher in me likes that it promotes critical thinking, and problem solving skills….

After we finish our reading or story before bed, we would think of a question, and brainstorm a few ideas together, then while they were laying in bed by themselves with the lights off, they could think of more ideas and write them in the book later. We haven’t written in the book for a while, and Sam picked it up and wanted to write in it last night. We were reading through some of our responses, laughing at some of our ideas, our spelling mistakes and the pictures we drew!
Here are a couple pages…
What can you do with a banana?

What new things would you like to learn?

What can you do with a piece of string?

What would we do if we had no grocery stores?


What can you do to be nice to someone?

This is one of my favourite answers…What things come in pairs? Sam wrote “bum ceces” (bum cheeks)

We have had a lot of fun with the book. Every time we find it, we read our ideas, add a few new ones, and think of new questions. We started it in 2009, when thee kids were 4 and 5.
Anyone have any good questions for us?

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