Recycled book banner!


Here is how to make a simple, yet really cut banner out of an old book. In the library, I sometimes have to let books go. There is only so many staples and so much tape you can use one one book. So, no new or useful books have been harmed in order to make this craft!
You need some markers, string, a stapler, and an old book.

I started by planning out what I wanted to say. For this banner, I was kind of ambitious in wanting to spell out “2013 kids choice book award winners” to showcase some of the new books we got in the library, picked by the students. I decided to put stars I between the words instead of spaces because I thought that might make it more legible.
Use the markers to draw each letter on each page. I left a little extra space on the top to fold over.

Once all of the letters were coloured in, I folded over the top edge of each page. It was easy to make them even because I folded them between the second and third line of text.

Then, I tucked the string in the fold and stapled each page twice.

Repeat a few times, and you end up with a pretty nice looking banner!





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