Busy lately…


Hi everyone.
I am tired. John and I have finally made the decision to have our backyard redone. So, I really haven’t had time to do much else. Every day after work, we have spent all our time digging and lifting stuff in the backyard. It all started with a small crack in the cement in the pool deck…

This was causing the water to get in under the stairs, washing away the sand that was supporting the stairs, and the stairs were cracking. So, we decided to get it fixed this year, before someone ended up putting their foot through the stairs. Sounds easy right? Well, to replace the stairs, they have to replace the liner because our liner is so old and faded. Then they have to cut the cement to get the stairs out, so while they were replacing the cement we were going to expand the deck a foot around the stairs…and since they are expanding the deck they have to replace a section of retaining wall, and since they are doing that, they might as well replace the whole retaining wall….since they have to replace the retaining wall, they might as well rip up the deck…and so on….
The end result is they are coming tomorrow (hopefully) to move our shed and take down the neighbours retaining wall so they can fit their vehicles in our backyard… We are digging down a couple feet to expand our pool deck by a couple hundred feet, replacing the retaining wall around the whole perimeter of our pool. We are having our current deck ripped up, and everything is going to be covered in an interlock stone. as well as having the stairs and liner replaced.
To prepare for this, we have had to go through every garden in the backyard, and dig out the plants we want to save. Keep in mind that our back yard is 60 feet wide and about 75 feet long…So, every piece of furniture and every plant in our back yard is now shoved to one side…


We also had to rip up the pathway at the side of our house and move every rock and the pile of interlock that has sat at the side of our house for years…lots of lifting. I feel like an old woman. (I am complaining, but really John has done most of the lifting and never complains…love you honey!)
Here is what our backyard looks like now… this picture is looking at the side that we are having dug up. Everything past the wall to the house will be dug up and will be level with the pool deck.

Here is the deck now…

and here is the other side of the backyard, beside the pool…


So, as I said, I haven’t had time for much else. June is a crazy time for our family, and adding this to the mix, has made it a little crazier! So if I am not posting as often, this is my excuse!
But, I do have a new project in the works…I bought a wicker patio set from our neighbours yesterday, and it needs fixing up…so I am going to spray paint the wicker and sew new chair covers for the six chairs, love seat and table.

Stay tuned…

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