Recovering Cushions


I bought this old wicker patio set from our neighbours a couple weeks ago, and I have been trying to get the cushions recovered, and chairs repaired ever since. Hopefully I will have them finished by the time our reno is done, and judging by the speed so far, it shouldn’t be a problem! Here is what the chairs looked like when I bought them…

I bought this outdoor fabric from Fabricland that I absolutely loved, but of course, they didn’t have enough for me to do the whole set, so I had to find some matchiing fabrics to use. I found a striped fabric for around the edges, and a plain blue and red for the underneath, and I decided to add some piping out of the blue as well.

To make a pattern or template for the cushions, I laid out the cushions on top of some newspaper and traced around them. There was one size for the chair backs and another size for the seats of the chairs. There was also a separate size for the two couch seat backs.

Then, I added about half an inch of seam allowance around each piec, and folded each piece in half to make sure it was even and symmetrical.

I also added about 10 cm to the tops of each of the pattern pieces to fold over so I could sew them closed.
So, after cutting out strips of the striped fabric, strips of the blue piping, and the pieces for the cushion tops and bottoms, I started to sew…


The trickiest part about sewing cushions with piping is rounding the corners. I found that the best way to sew it was to put the piping on the bottom. Then when you get to the corner, you rotate the fabric, then sew a few stitches, and rotate again. The trick is to try to keep the piping straight and rotate the fabric.


Once I finished the cushion tops, I used a blue fabric for the cushion bottoms (I didn’t have enough of the other fabric, and the blue was cheaper. I sewed around three sides and left the back open, then turned it right side out and put the cushion inside and hand stitched it closed. Sixteen cushions later, all I have to do now is stitch a few more closed and add a few ties, to tie them on to the chairs. Here is what one of the chairs looks like finished. I am really happy with the way they turned out….


I’ll post more pictures when I finish the set. I also have to sand and spray paint the wicker… fun fun fun!

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  1. Thanks so much, funny you have the same set! I have been pretty happy with the results. They have lasted two summers and counting… I did have to touch up a few parts with spray paint, but the cushions have lasted. I did coat them with waterproof fabric spray, but wasn’t thrilled with the results. I ended up buying plastic chair covers at the dollars store.
    Good luck!


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