Touching up the stairs


So we have been off for almost three weeks now, and it’s amazing how fast the time goes. I have spent a lot of time on sewing the cushions for the wicker furniture. I have also made a few batches of jam, and a few other small projects around, I just haven’t been that great about writing about them lately!
I tend to save up a lot of household jobs for the summer, so this is one that I have been meaning to get at for months. As like most houses with young kids, our furniture and floors take a beating. One of the things I loved about our house was the stair case, but it takes a lot of abuse! I love dark wood floors and furniture, but it does tend to show wear and tear (is that how you spell tear?). Anyways, I would love to say I do this every few months, but I have done it once since we moved in this house!
Here is a shot of our staircase, I still love my photos I put up last summer!

Black and White Stairs original blog post
Now, when you look closely, here is what the edges of the stairs look like …

At the dollar store, they sell these markers…

So I thought, why not? What have I got to lose…a dollar? Why pay seven bucks for the ones at Home Depot when you can pay a dollar? All you do is colour,

Then wipe it off with a paper towel. I only wipe it to blur the lines a little so you can’t see the exact marker lines.

I did the stairs, and then moved on to the bannisters. The kids are always twisting these two loose ones…

They look much better after a little touch up…

These pens also work great on furniture. Here is the side of one of our kitchen chairs…

And here is after a little touch up…

That should last another few years!

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