Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

Our last job in finishing the backyard, was to build a privacy screen. When the landscapers put in the retaining walls, they left these posts up beside the walls, and instead of cutting them off, we told them to leave them so we could build a privacy screen. Our plan was to put up some lattice, but the more I thought about it, the more I am not even sure I like the look of lattice. And, we thought the posts were evenly spaced, but turns out they were all different distances apart. The posts range from 9 to 11 feet apart.
Here are what the posts looked like before…

Here is another view, you can see the posts in the background in this photo…

Here was my original plan…

Then I saw this piece of art when John and I went to the beaches…

And, it got John and I to thinking about cutting out a design. Why can’t we make a pattern or design? But, the problem is I couldn’t think of a material to use. I kept coming back to the idea of using fence boards. So here is my, sorry our, idea…

By the way, I think this is a good point to mention the fact that I watched the guys carefully as they were putting up the fence…so, the way we made this, was pretty much the same way they put up our back fence. Lol.
We started by buying the wood. We bought 20 pieces of 10 foot 2×4, along with 20 framing or fencing brackets, and about 35 fencing boards (6 foot pieces, cut in half, giving us 70 pieces), plus nails and screws.
The first step was to measure down from the top of the posts and screw in the brackets.

Then, we measured, and cut the 2×4 the right length, and nailed it in the brackets. Checked to see if it was level….

Then measured down to add the bottom railing…


Then we cut, and added a cross piece on the top and bottom. While John was nailing them in, I used a jig saw to cut out a few leaves on each piece. I randomly cut the leaves on each board, cutting out 2-6 leaves on each board.

I used a 2×4 as a spacer to measure out the fence boards with a pencil on the top railing.

Then, we nailed the boards at the top, with one nail,

And used a level to level each board, and nailed a few extra nails at the top and bottom…

And…a few hours later, here is the finished product!





Not bad, eh? We had budgeted about $500, but it cost just over $300…. But, the best part is that we are now truly finished the backyard!

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