Custom made Party Mix!


This is a pretty simple idea, but I thought of it all by myself (meaning, I didn’t get the idea from Pinterest!) lol. So, I thought it deserved to be shared.
Throughout the year, we, as many parents, are always looking for ideas for healthy, easy snacks for the kids. Note, the emphasis is on easy here. We just want to grab and go, but, we are really trying to avoid the prepackaged stuff. So, one of my summer traditions for snacks is to make a special blend of party mix. FYI: By special blend, I mean that I toss whatever leftover bags of chips, crackers, pretzels, or goldfish I have left in the cupboard into a bowl. The thing is, everyone likes different things, so I was thinking, wouldnt it be great to make your own snack mix, with only the things you liked? Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of snacks for back to school all packaged up and ready?
So, we went to Bulk Barn (which is, by the way one of my favourite stores ever). The kids each picked out a couple nuts and seeds, some dried fruit, cereal, and they were allowed to pick one junk food (like cheezies etc) and one candy.
Here is our haul from Bulk Barn

Then we tossed everything into a large container, and shook it up…

Then, the kids scooped about a cup at a time into ziplock bags, so we could grab them to go.

They even made little labels for their snacks – I think it was “Sam’s super snack mix” and, “Dylan’s Delicious Party Mix”…
Anyways, it worked well, we went away for a few days and it was handy just to be able to grab a bag and go…or grab a reusable container…however, I don’t think it’s going to last until school starts, so I might have to make another batch next week…

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