Braided Key Necklace


I know I have been lazy about writing lately…and haven’t been posting as often. And I really don’t have a great excuse, other than it’s the first week of school and I have been preoccupied…And, most of my extra time has been spent on boring stuff like sorting library cards and making book bags for the primary kids. Nothing I thought was worthy of blogging. But, I did have to make a new key chain to hold my work and car keys. Anyone who knows me probably know that I am pretty irresponsible with my keys…I loose them all of the time! So wearing my keys around my neck is a solution that works for me!
I started with a bunch of different seed beads I had laying around. Most of them were silver or clear…

I found a few larger clear beads and threaded the beading wire through the beads, around the key chain, then back through the beads again. I used 5 strands.

Then I threaded all of the wires with the beads I had. I used a few extra key rings I had to secure the ends temporarily. I used a crimp, which is a bead you squeeze shut with a pair of pliers, to attach each strand to the key rings. I will just slide the loops off the key rings when I am ready to attach the clasp.

Then take the outside strand on the right hand side and bring it across to the center…

Then, after all of the strands were threaded, and the ends were secured with crimps, I braided each side. To braid five strands, or any other number of strands, you spread out all of your strands…

Then divide them in half…(or in this case 2 on one side and three on another)


Then, take the outside strand on the left side and bring it to the middle…

Keep repeating taking a strand from the outside and bringing it into the middle….

Until all of the strands have been braided. Then I found an old clasp and removed the key rings, and attached the strands to the clasp.

I love it! I hope will make it through the year! I also added my name in letter beads. I am proud to say that I have already lost it once and it was returned to me the next period! OK, maybe I’m not proud I lost it…lol



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