Festive Santa bag


Not that you could tell from reading my blog lately, but I have actually been busy crafting the past few days. I have to be honest, I have been in a bit of a rut, starting school this month. I’ve been a little down, and haven’t felt too motivated to do anything by the time I get home. Working every day is hard! Also, I think I am mourning the end of summer…so I signed the kids and I up for about a dozen different categories at the Markham Fair. It has given me a list of fun ideas to try, with a deadline, so we have had fun making stuff. I just haven’t had time to write about them.
So, here goes…
One of the categories in the fair was to make a festive bag. So, why not get an early start on someone’s Christmas present, and make their festive santa gift bag early?
I started by cutting a bunch of strips of fabric. I cut a thick strip, about 10 inches wide of red fabric, and two more 2 inch strips of red fabric. Then I cut a strip of white fur, about 4 inches wide. I also found a scrap of leather for the belt.

I cut another thin strip of the red fabric to make the belt loops. I turned in the raw edges, sewed them down the middle and cut the strip into five shorter pieces, one for each belt loop.

Then I sewed the five belt loops facing down so that I could just turn them up to create the loop. Sorry, it’s hard to explain…I hope the picture helps.

Then I turned the belt loops up and pinned it to the strip of white fur.

And I sewed the seam, then sewed the next red strip onto the top of the fur. Then I flipped it inside out and sewed down the side seam..

So, when it is turned right side out, this is what it looked like…

Now for the drawstring… I am a lazy sewer, so I am always looking for short cuts, and this way is much easier than having to actually thread the drawstring. Fold a strip of fabric in half with the drawstring in, and sew the drawstring in as you go. Note, before I started sewing, I did turn under the two ends of the red “carrier” strip. I hope these pictures help…



I stitched it in….

Now for the bottom of the bag. I stitched right across the bottom.

Here is my other tip for the day; to make the bag have a little dimension at the bottom, fold over the corners, and sew a seam like this…

This is what it looks like on the outside…

Look at how cute it is with the belt!

I stuffed it with some paper, and it’s good to go! I would take a photo of it under the tree, but considering it’s not even October yet, the photo shoot might have to wait a couple months.

I might add a cute little gift tag to it before the fair..

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