How to make a dress from a dress!


So, the Markham Fair was last week…it was really fun to go there and see our artwork on display. The kids were so excited to find each of their pieces. we even won a few ribbons! My Christmas bag I posted won first place! I think I won $5.00! (we enter not for the financial reward, but for bragging rights) Anyways, one of the categories was to sew an article of clothing out of polar fleece. So, I decided I wanted to make Sam a polar fleece dress….with a little extra.
I have to say that (I have said this many times before) I am a lazy sewer. I couldn’t be bothered seeing if I could find a pattern of a girls dress, so I just found a dress that fits Sam pretty well. I spread out the polar fleece on the floor, and pinned the dress down, making sure it was pretty flat.

Now, I could have used some chalk, or a fabric pencil to trace around it, but once again, due to my sheer laziness, i grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting. I cut around the perimeter of the dress leaving about 3/4 of an inch around. I cut around only half of the dress…

Then, I unpinned it, and folded the polar fleece in half, and pinned it. I did it this way to make sure the dress was symmetrical, and even on both sides.

And then I cut it out. I trimmed off a little more on the neckline of the front.

So, I could have stopped there, sewed the side seams and shoulder seams, and it would be a perfectly cute dress, but instead I headed to the basemeent to find my bin of polar fleece scraps…

So I started cutting scraps…

And adding stuff…

And adding stuff…

Then adding a little more….

Then I pinned everything down…

And, I sewed around each

Then, the trick to sewing polar fleece is not sewing perfetly, but arefully trimming around your stitches
And…the finished dress!



And, guess what…the dress won third place!
Sam will be thrilled that she can actually wear it now!

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