Felt Kiwi


Before I start, I have noticed that I am getting longer and longer between posts lately, and the number of views per day is also going down, so I am going to try to write more regularly… in order to quit my job, I think I am going to have to step it up a bit! Just joking…I’m not quitting my job. I would have to be making some money to do that…But, on a related note, I have reached over 100,000 views! And, that’s all the reward I need. But, if anyone out there wants to be my manager, I’m hiring! lol

So… just because we have absolutely nothing better to do, my daughter Samantha and I decided to make some felt food. I had a pile of felt in the basement, so after searching on Etsy and Pinterest, we came up with the idea to make some food. Sam, was interested in helping for the first few pieces, but lost interest, and I have continued. I have a box of felt beside the TV, and I have been working away the last couple weeks. I will share a couple of my favourites with you. I’ll start with how I made Kiwi fruit out of felt.
Start by cutting out three circles of felt, see the picture for colours. Smallest one should be white, middle is green and brown is slightly larger.

Then, with embroidery thread, stitch the white circle in the center with long stitches like this…

Then using black embroidery thread, stitch the seeds. They look the best if they all radiate out from the center.



Then, to make the back of the kiwi, I wanted it to be a little rounded, so I cut a Y into the circle…

Then, fold the felt over, tucking the middle of the “Y” in.


Then sew it closed. You can play around making it slightly bigger or smaller, so it is the same circumference as the front..

Then, sew the front of the kiwi to the back. The best stitch to use to make all of your stitches look even is a blanket stitch…which is just looping the thread under your needle before you pull the thread tight.

Finally, when you have stitched around about three quarters of the way around, stuff it with some polyfill.

Then sew the opening closed. Here are a couple pictures of the finished kiwis….



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