Homemade Christmas Crackers!


So, I haven’t been great at posting lately….not because we haven’t been making and doing things, but I just haven’t fit in the time to actually write about them! My camera roll is filled with photos of projects! I guess I haven’t been as motivated, and I got sick before the holidays. It is amazing how the number of page views on my blog has dropped since I haven’t been posting as regularly. Anyways, it was December two years ago that I started this blog! I have written about 221 art, craft, and cooking projects and have had well over 110,000 views, read by people from hundreds of different countries all over the world. Pretty cool. So to everyone reading today, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
On to my project… Part of our family tradition at Christmas is to pop Christmas Crackers at the start of dinner. Honestly, I think a lot of the tradition comes from just looking for stuff to keep the kids quiet while everyone is trying to enjoy their large Christmas and Thanksgiving turkey dinners. But I have to say that when I was shopping for crackers last week, the quality of the prizes inside are not what they used to be! I don’t know how long a corkscrew would entertain the kids…
So, we thought we could make much more personalized crackers ourselves!
We found the snaps at Michaels, although, I think these would still be great without the snap, if you can’t find them. I think a package was about $2.50 for 12 at Michaels.
After we found the snaps, we had to shop for the stuff to go inside. We ended up finding stuff at Walmart, Winners, and of course, the dollar store. We bought an assortment of toys and chocolate, then sorted them into piles for each person. Here are some of the goodies:


We originally were going to use paper towel and toilet paper tubes, but it was hard to find stuff to fit inside. So I ended up buying a couple sheeets of Bristol board and cutting it up into squares. (Make sure the width of the squares are more narrow than the length of the snappers) We picked a cute red and white wrapping paper for the outside. I should have taken a photo of the snappers so you could see what they looked like, but you can see them at the right hand side of the picture below.

To roll the crackers, we piled everything together..

Then, we added the snap and rolled the Bristol board around everything as tightly as possible. I added a piece of scotch tape at either end. Be sure to add the snaps at this point if you are using them.

Then wrap them with wrapping paper. The paper should be about 2 inches longer than the tube at either end. I put a piece of tape to hold the wrapping paper in place.

Then. all that was left to do was to tie the ends. I used an elastic cord. This part was a little tricky for the kids to do, so I did all of the tying. The tricky part is to make sure the snappers are sticking out at either end.

Then, as soon as each one was tied, we added a gift tag so we could remember who each cracker was going to. We ended up making almost 20. We made enough for John’s family on Christmas Eve, and my family for Christmas dinner. This was a great hostess gift to bring when someone else is doing the cooking. I have to admit though, I did miss the tissue paper crowns….maybe next year I will add them in! If I had a little more time, it might also be cute to add a little joke that would be personalized for each person, or a fortune, or something like that.




Merry Christmas.

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  1. I was lucky enough to enjoy your crackers ……was so busy cooking dinner that I forgot to purchase! Your personalized crackers were delightful. Thanks so much


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