Orange Soup

Orange Soup

When the kids were little, my mom used to make this soup, and we really enjoyed it. Whenever we went to her house she used to make us “Orange soup” and pizza. Now whenever we have that for lunch, we call it, “Granny Lunch”. (consider that a compliment mom!) She named it Orange soup for obvious reasons, it gets its orange colour from sweet potatoes, and carrots. I am not sure if this her exact recipe, but this is my version of it. The recipe is so simple, and only three ingredients. The only part that actually takes a few minutes is cutting and peeling the carrots and sweet potatoes. But, if you have great kitchen staff, like I do, you can have them cut for you by the time you are out of the shower (thanks honey!)

Start by cutting up sweet potatoes and carrots


Put the carrots and sweet potato cubes in the crock pot and fill with chicken soup stock. I didn’t measure the amount, but I made sure the chicken stock covered everything.

We went out skiing and left the soup in the crock pot to cook for the morning. I forgot to take a picture of when it was cooked, when we got home, I guess we were too hungry to stop to take a picture! But, by the time we got home, everything was well cooked, not crunchy, which made it much easier to puree. I used a blender stick to puree it, and I puree it right in the crock pot. Why dirty another pot or bowl, right?


I let it cook for a few minutes more, and added a little greek seasoning and some dill flakes to add a little flavour. It was pretty thick, so I decided to thin it down by adding a little milk.
Here is what it looked like thicker…

And thinned out a little… both tasted good, but depends on your personal preference.

It was the perfect lunch after a morning of skiing! Enjoy!

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