Fortune Cookie Raffle Draw Tickets

Fortune Cookie Raffle Draw Tickets

I volunteer at my kids school on the parent council, and this week, the parent council helped with planning for a guest speaker. So one of my jobs was to a design raffle for parents attending. (We were hoping to recruit a few new volunteers too!) Six of the tickets were supposed to be winning tickets, where they would win a prize such as an autographed copy of the speakers book. Anyways, I though it would be fun to do something a little different. So, why not make fortune cookie raffle tickets? I started by drawing the design out in a circle shape, scanned it on the computer, and added a big “NOT” to the non-winning tickets. I designed it so that four circles would fit on each page.

Then, I went down to my partially organized basement (still a work in progress) and I dug up some brightly coloured paper and printed out a bunch of pages. We decided to go with a hundred raffle tickets, so I printed 25 of the “non winner sheets”. Now here is my tip for the day, which took me years to figure out, but has changed my life (OK, that may be a tad dramatic, but as a teacher, it has saved me hours of time!) To cut out multiple layers of paper, just staple the papers together! Duh. This way the papers don’t slide, and your cuts are always accurate on the bottom piece as well as the top! I have found that depending on the scissors you are using, 5 or 6 sheets together is the best amount, any more than that, and your edges start to look ragged.

So, I cut them all out.


Notice that I kept the winning tickets and non-winning tickets in two piles. I did accidentally mix them up and I had to sort through them all, because I made too many winning tickets.
To make the circles into fortune cookies, I started by rolling one loosely around my finger.

Then, I folded the roll in half, as close to the middle as I could.


My original plan was to staple them, but I had made them a little small, so my stapler wouldn’t fit. So, I decided to break out my trusty glue gun.
I added a tiny drop of glue to the fold to hold it in place.

And, that’s it! Tada! As I said earlier I ended up making over 100, and I easily cut them out, and assembled them in a night.


They went over pretty well, we even got a couple new recruits for parent council!
Thanks for reading!

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