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Candy cane reindeer craft!


I have been so busy getting teacher gifts ready, baking, packaging, And wrapping, that I haven’t even thought about posting any ideas, or even taking pictures! I am such a bad blogger šŸ˜¦ I only remembered I forgot after all the gifts were handed out, and the kids had eaten half of the gingerbread village! Oh well, there’s always next year! I will share a couple of the smaller projects. This one we did this afternoon was a quick and easy craft that Samantha and her friend made.
All you need to make the candy cane reindeers are a couple candy canes, some yarn, googly eyes, and a pom pom for the nose.

Here are a few pics I found online for inspiration:



To make it easier to handle, I taped the two candy canes together with a piece of making tape before we started.

Then, we wrapped the yarn around the candy canes until they were covered.

I glued down the end of the yarn with my glue gun.

Then, with the glue gun, I attached the eyes and nose. You can really change the look of the reindeer by moving the eyes and nose around, and even try using different sized googly eyes.

I added a little bell and ribbon and glued them down as well.

Look at how they turned out using different colours of wool. I would love to do these for the kids in my class next year!


Hopefully I will have time to post at least a couple more ideas before our holidays are finished, but if I don’t have a chance before The 25th, have a wonderful Christmas! Hope you have lots of time to celebrate as well as relax!