Cheap and easy way to clean silver

Cheap and easy way to clean silver

So I have been busy lately, but not so much making stuff in the past week…I have been working on clearing out the basement and dining room, and front room and closets… I have been donating and selling lots of online on Kijiji, and the local Facebook buy and sell pages.
In my quest to clean out the dining room, I came across a bunch of silver spoons. They were pretty tarnished, so whether I keep them or not, they need a clean. Here’s what they looked like before.

So I guess you can’t see from the picture, but a few of them are solid silver, and a few are nickel plated and electro plated. I didn’t want to use a silver cleaner because I didn’t want to take off the plating.
So I did a little research and found that if you use a few cups of hot water, a couple tablespoons of water softener (I used Calgon), and a piece of tin foil, it was supposed to safety clean silver.
So I filled the sink with hot, hot water. Then, lined the bottom with tinfoil, and added a couple tablespoons of Calgon.

I let them sit for a few minutes, and here is what happened…

Can you see the half that was submerged?


Just to remind you…here was less than 10 minutes before…

So, of course, I dug through some of my jewelery, and found a few things that needed a little polishing….

And gave them a little soak…

The results were not quite as dramatic as the silverware, but they did shine up nicely.
But, the great thing was that it required very little polishing. I did wipe them down with a cotton cloth, after soaking, but I didn’t have to scrub at all. There were a couple of the pieces that I had to put into soak for a few extra minutes, but they cleaned up pretty well.
The thing is that I now have a whole box of Calgon water softener leftover! What do I do with all of that water softener? If anyone close to me wants to clean some silver I would be happy to share!

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