Diningroom is Done! 

Diningroom is Done! 

 Yahoo! I am finally ready to share our new diningroom! If you follow my blog, I have posted a couple times this summer about how to refinish chairs and antiquing furniture, as this has been a summer long project….but now everything is done and I’m ready for the grand reveal!  I will fully admit that I did get a little carried away. I was just supposed to be recovering a couple chairs in June. But we ended up redoing the whole room top to bottom. This is what it looked like before…     It wasn’t horrible…It wasn’t my favourite room in the house, but I could live with it. But then, I bought these cool chairs! My plan was to paint and reupholster them, but they wouldn’t fit under my table! 

So I decided that we might as well update the dining room. I sold all of our furniture, including our table and chairs, as well as the hutch, (and most of the stuff inside of them too) and I bought this beauty of a table for $100 off of Kijiji….  

And was given this hutch that my grandfather made…  

Plus, I decided to keep the buffet from our old set. We still need storage for John’s frequent trips to Costco… So we had a hutch, table, chairs, and a buffet, none of which were the same colour, style or finish. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me, so I busted out my favourite Behr paint (cottage white)..

 Btw, am I the only one that thinks he paint colour names are important? John and I have an ongoing debate…

We sanded, painted, and antiqued the table…

  Buffet and hutch….

And reupholstered and painted the chairs…

We also repainted the dining room and I bought some fancy blue and white China…. (Ask me about that deal next time you see me…. Fantastic Facebook buy and sell deal… Thanks for hooking me up Marlee! -see I gave you credit this time!) 

And tada! (Imagine a drumroll here …….)


Still a couple details to finish, like sewing the table runner, and hanging the chandelier I bought….(another great facebook deal) I just have to figure out what the weight limit is for a standard chandelier… Any one know? 

 Anyways, I am really happy with the the way everything works together now. I think all the old mismatched pieces work pretty well together. The best part is that by the time I sold all of our existing furniture, and some of the stuff inside of the hutch, we ended up making over $1000 dollars! Not bad eh? 

We have also been working on redecorating Dylan’s room… Stay tuned for some great sports decorating ideas! 

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