Easy Peasy lace curtains

Easy Peasy lace curtains

As part of my summer diningroom makeover project, I needed some quick and easy curtains to finish it up. Our diningroom had shutters, so the purpose of the curtains was purely decorative. I wanted something antique and delicate looking, so I was excited when I found this lace at Fabricland…


I also bought these curtain rods, and clips which were both on sale.   

The rods and rings were just what I wanted, and for the right price, so I bought them, but the problem was that I wanted them to be silver, so I gave them a really quick sand wih some very fine sandpaper, broke out the silver spraypaint, and started spraying. 

To evenly coat the rings with the spray paint, I clipped them onto a roll of newspaper so I could spray one side, then flip them all over at once.  

And I gave the rods a quick coat of silver too.  The rings I bought open when you squeeze them, so I just had to sew a quick seam to turn under the top an bottom of the curtains, then clip them on! (I liked these so much I bought some more for another project… Will keep you posted)   I didn’t even measure, I just folded the fabric a few times and clipped the rings on the folds.   Then, I screwed in the brackets that came with the rods, hung them on, and popped them into place. Easiest curtains I have ever made… And cute too! 

Here they are, done and hung!   

As you can see, I tied them back, and my plan is to add a little hook on the wall to hold them back. I’ve added hooks to my list for the next time I am at Home Depot.

The last two little things I need to do to the diningroom is add the curtain hooks, and  I still have to attach the drawer pulls to the buffet…. But the good news is, the chairs are all done! 

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