Wine cork Angels 

Wine cork Angels 

For some unexplained reason, I have saved the cork from every bottle of wine I have drank for the last couple of years… I’m not gonna tell you how many corks I have accumulated, but let’s just say it’s time to do some crafting! I found a few ideas for cork Christmas trees and wreaths on Pinterest, but I was just looking for something to do while I am sitting on the couch watching tv. So when I came across these cork Angels, I thought they were really cute.  

First step was to get a hole through the cork. I just used a bbq skewer with a pointed end, it poked right through without much difficulty. 

I then threaded a wire through the hole. I decided to use copper wire for this project, but obviously, any wire would work.  
I threaded on the head next. I have no idea where I got these little heads from, but they worked perfectly. If you can’t find any, you could easily draw a face on a plain bead using a sharpie. Before I cut the wire, i looped the top and twisted the end…  

Then, I cut the other end of the wire…  And twisted a few loops to hold it in place.Then, to make the wings, I wrapped the wire around my fingers four times, left a bit extra, and cut it off.  I pinched the wire in the center and used the excess to wrap around the middle.  Then spread out the loops in sort of a fan.  

And I poked the lose ends in the cork. 

That’s it! Very simple and rustic, but pretty cute! I think I might go back with a glue gun and add a little glue to hold the head so it is facing the right direction, and hold the wings in place.  

  So, I made a bunch…. What do you call a group of Angels? A pack? A flock? Anyways, I’m thinking I might add them to a wine bottle for Christmas gifts….


Look at these other ideas I found… I better crack open another bottle so I can keep up….


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