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I have been getting a lot of requests for this, so I am editing the post to update the information and links. 

I have been teaching for a number of years… Won’t tell you how many, but I have done many sets of report cards. In the past, I always knew exactly what I wanted to say, but spent hours trying to write it in appropriate and parent friendly language. So, I spent a few hours compiling all of the comments I had accumulated and came up with a massive bank of ways to politely tell parents that either a) their kid is amazing and works hard, or b) their kid is useless, and does absolutely nothing. 

The comments are organized into six categories; Responsibility, Organization, Independent work, Collaboration, Initiative, and Self-Regulation. I have organized comments in each of the six areas in four levels, Needs Improvement, Satisfactory, Good, and Excellent. I have also included Next Steps, or ways to improve for each of the six areas. So, all you have to do is copy and pate the sentences you want into your report cards. 

I have listed my comments for $6.99 on Teachers Pay Teachers… Feel free to check out my other listings too… 🙂 
Link to teachers pay teachers

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  1. Hi There,
    I glanced through the document of comments, wondering if you might include a few that have been floating around for years (I come from a family of teachers, lots of friends who are teachers) but alas, these seem to be genuinely helpful (and legal) comments. Have you seen the list of suggestions that are just a bit sarcastic, but probably reflect the teacher’s frustration pretty accurately? If I find the list, I’ll send you a couple. Hope you are enjoying this time of year. 😛


  2. Hi everyone, Just to let you know, I have just opened a Teachers Pay Teachers account. So, I have started by posting a free Learning Skills Self Assessment rubric for students, and I have also listed my learning skills comments too (for a minimal charge of $6.99) So if you are looking for them, search for “artzcool” on I am so excited about sharing some of my stuff! Its great that you can charge a few dollars for smaller type things….thanks again for your interest!


  3. Hi, the link you posted for the learning skills says it’s not found. Is there a way you could email it to me? Thank you for posting!


  4. Hello, I got this link from Pinterest RE: report card comments, but when I clicked the Highlighted red on your site, it brought me to an error page. Is it possible still to receive your report card comments? I loved your Zebra Cake! I am starting to follow you! email is


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