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Jam Making! #canningparty #YMCTest.


For girls night, a couple of my girlfriends and I have taken soap making classes, made cosmetics and cream, so when I heard about a canning, party, I immediately thought of them! I know I have posted how to make various jams before, and over the last 20years, I have made thousands of jars, but I’ve never invited friends over to make it a social kind of thing!

We started by cutting up a whole bunch of fruit! (Well actually, we sat there, had some coffee and muffins, and chatted for a while, but after that, we got started) My friend had just been to Niagara, so brought some freshly picked peaches, so we decided to start with those.

Once we had cut up all of the peaches, we decided to throw in some strawberries, and make another mixed batch of peach, strawberry.

So generally, I find then the no fail formula for jam making is to use about 4-4 1/2 cups of any fruit and about 6 cups of sugar. So, once all of the fruit is cut up, mix in the pectin.

Then bring it to a boil for a few minutes. You need to stir frequently here…. this is where having extra friends around helps!

while those two were busy stirring, I measured out the sugar. So, by the time the fruit and pectin had boiled, the sugar was ready.

We let the sugar and fruit come to a rolling boil for a couple minutes. Then, I always let the jam thicken and cool for a few minutes before pouring into the jars. This way the foam floats to the top so you can scoop it off, and because the jam thickens as it cools, it helps make sure all of the fried doesn’t just float. So, we had an assembly line to pour them into the jars, and then put the lids on and seal.

We were too busy with our jobs to take any pictures of the pouring process. But I used my hot oven method, where we put the sealed jars into a hot oven rather than having to boil them all to seal them. It works perfectly!

We ended up making 4 batches of jam… peach, peach strawberry, blueberry and blueberry strawberry. Almost 30 jars to split up! So I sent my friends home with their jam wrapped up in towels to keep them hot so they will seal properly. Kind of like loot bags!

It was a fun morning! We went out for lunch after too.

I almost forgot, I also made us personalized labels. We had joked before about calling our new craft company J.E.M. Designs (the initials of our names) so I made up JEM jam labels.

I am right on track this summer to make my jam making quota for Christmas presents! My jam cupboard is almost full! Thanks for the inspiration Bernardin and Chatelaine!