Cork Reindeer Ornaments 


I wanted to post instructions for these reindeers last year, but never got around to it 😦 but, I came across the pictures, and thought I would share now. I have done a couple craft sales in the last couple years, and the reindeers always sell really well… there is just never enough time in December to make stuff, bake stuff, and post about everything! And, by the time I have some free time, Christmas is over and it’s too late to post about Christmas crafts! So, I’m going to take a few minutes to share tonight.

My other “issue” with wine cork crafts is that you really have to commit to drinking wine to keep up your supply (luckily, I’m a dedicated crafter, and have made the commitment to up my wine consumption to further my crafting production… I know, admirable, right?) There is a place in Markham where you can make your own wine… it’s called Markham Heritage Wines, close to Markville Mall, if you are ever in the area, it’s worth a visit. Delicious, wide variety of make your own wines, you can even design the label yourself. Anyways, I mentioned my craft projects last year, and I was given a bag of old corks, so I have a surplus right now 🙂

Here is a photo of the last batch of reindeers I made:

 And here is the stockpile of corks I got from Markham Heritage Wines! 

Here are the materials you need: some thicker wire for the legs and neck, some narrow wire for the antlers, googly eyes, rhinestones for the nose, a hot glue gun, and a pin and embroidery thread or cord or ribbon, for the hanger

To make the legs, you need to cut four lengths of wire, about two inches each. Then bend a loop at one end, like shown below:

I used the pliers to poke holes in the cork, but a barbecue skewer also works great.

Then, stick in the legs.  
For the antlers, you need four lengths of thinner wire, about four inches long each.

Then use a pair of needle nosed pliers to bend the wire into a spiral. I left about an inch at the bottom of each wire straight.

Then, bend two of the antlers at a 90 degree angles, and leave two straight, like in the photo below.

Place the antlers into a second cork in pairs, like the below photo. Next, use a smaller length of the thicker wire to make a neck and attach the head to the body. Whenever I used the thicker wire in the cork, I found that it went in much easier if you poked the hole first with the needle nosed pliers, or a bbq skewer, otherwise the wire kept bending.

I used the needle nosed pliers to bend a figure 8 to attach a little coloured bell for around the reindeer’s neck. A bow would also be cute. 
I used a hot glue gun to add the googly eyes and rhinestone nose. You could also use a red Pom Pom, I just prefer the look of the gemstone.

 The final step is to add a hanger or loop so he can hang on the tree. I just used some embroidery floss and a pin, and pushed the pin into the back of his head. Be careful as the pin tends to bend. I used the pliers to help push it in.  

Here is what Rudolph looked like on our tree!

 And, here are a bunch that I made before the last sale I did…

I have been selling them for $5.00 each, and I have had to make a few batches of them already. I’m not sure how much that would amount to if I costed out the work by the hour… but it’s enough to support my crafting habit (or at least contribute to it…lol)

I’ll try to post some of the holiday snacks and treats I have been making in the next few days…

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