Monthly Archives: April 2019

Chicks at Work!!


As you may or may not know, I am a teacher, currently in the role of teacher-librarian. I don’t tend to post a lot about stuff I do at work, but this is an exception. Last month, I got an incubator and 12 chicken eggs!

To keep the kids interested, i have done a count down, posted the development inside the egg each day, told daily chicken and egg jokes, made paper chickens, built nests, and even had a contest to name the chicks…21 days is a long time to wait for a kid!!

But yesterday, the eggs started hatching, and wow! I am truly amazed by the power of nature. It really is a miracle!

Here are a few pics of the experience, I even recorded one of the eggs hatching! It was Major Fluffy, in case you were wondering….

Notable chicken crafts include my Chicken Mom T-shirt. (I designed it, and a friend who has a Cricut cutter cur it out for me then we ironed it on a T-shirt.)

And I also crocheted a chicken that lays eggs… complete with baby chicks…

Overall, an amazing experience! I’m working on talking John into getting some chickens for the backyard. So far, he is not buying into the idea, but I’m working on him….