Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


I haven’t written in a LONG time, but thought that this might be a good time to get back at it and share some ideas, and projects. The world is a different place that it was a month ago. I have really been trying to focus on the positive things that are happening in my community, rather than getting suffocated by all of the stuff going on in the news. My family and I are safe, at home.

We will continue to stay at home and not risk ourselves or others for as long as we need to. I’m hoping the same outlook applies to most people. So, I have spent the last couple weeks catching up on unfinished crafts, playing board games with my family, working out, going on walks, sorting cupboards, and taking naps.

So, since all four of us in our family are eating three meals a day, we have agreed that the kids either help cook or do the dishes. Sam and I decided to try a new recipe for chicken legs. You need spices (we used rosemary, sage, and garlic powder) a cup of sour cream, cornflakes, and some chicken (we used chicken legs)

We started by mixing all of the spices together with the sour cream. In another bowl, we gently crushed the cornflakes into smaller pieces.

Then we used a brush to brush the sour cream on pretty thick, to coat all sides of the chicken drumsticks.

Then we coated the drumsticks with a thick layer of cornflakes.

Then, one they were all in the pan we touched up and added some more cornflakes to the areas that needed it. We put them in a pan lined with parchment paper. Next time, I would put them on a wire rack to keep them crunchy. The bottoms did get a little soggy because of the liquid that accumulated in the pan.

Of course, I forgot to take picture of the whole pan right out of the oven, (I’m obviously out of the blogging habit now!) but I did manage to take a photo of the last one before it was eaten.

Overall, it was a good recipe, I would try using sour cream with bread crumbs as well. I normally use eggs to coat the chicken, but the sour cream kept the chicken moist and also was thick enough to stick on a thick layer of the corn flakes.

I’ll work on writing anew posts to share some of my recent craft projects…I just bought aCricut cutter machine, so I’ve been learning and trying out some cool projects. I’ll also see if I can throw in some home school ideas.

Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the post Ellen. That chicken recipe looks yummy. I’ve even got some sour cream to use up. Never thought of using it that way. Stay safe stay in xo


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