Construction Paper Stones


Every once in a while, I’m going to post one of my more popular posts… this one is always in my top ten most viewed! It is how to make cool looking stones out of scraps of construction paper and white glue.

I first made these years and years ago, when John and I taught at a summer camp together. The process is very simple, dig up some scraps of construction paper…


Cut a whole pile the same size. The more accurate you are in your cutting, the less sanding you have to do. I had the kids cut out a temple and trace their shape before could do round or square, or any shape, but I would keep them on the smaller side, like less than 1 1/2 or 2 inches for sure.


It works well if you pour the white glue into little disposable cups and glue the construction paper shapes together by dipping our finger in the glue and rubbing it on the paper. Don’t skimp on the glue, in this case, it’s better to use too much.


Repeat this about 30 times until the paper is layered to the thickness you want. I like the look of when you alternate colours and use a gradual change like from red to orange, to yellow. But, you can also use two or three layers of the same colour or alternate two colours for different looks.


Here are the ones Dylan Sam and I made…they took about an hour to glue together…and we let them dry for about 4 days…


Then for the part that the kids were looking forward to… The sanding… We started with 150 grit, then 220 as we got closer to finishing. The technique that I found works the best is to sand all of the edges first…


Then, start sanding on an angle, so you can see all of the layers. I tried to show you the angle by sanding only two sides for this picture…


Keep sanding until the shapes look like you want them to. Notice that we did this outside, it does create a bit of dust, so we worked on the grass.


Here are the ones we finished sanding today…


Pretty neat eh? The final step was to add a varnish or sealer, and for that step, clear nail polish works wonderfully. Be sure to seal the sides and back too. You can see how it brings out the colours in the photos.


And here they are finished…


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