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So, here is my story….First of all I am a proud mother of two, and a wife. Next, I am a teacher who is currently working as a librarian. I have started writing this blog because it is one of my hobbies to collect ideas and projects that I want to create. I always have a list of at least 10 projects that I want to do when I have the time. I have been accused more than a few times of being a little ADHD, manic, or even under the influence of something. But the truth is, I have always been the way I am. I grew up in a family that encouraged and supported my creativity. I also drove my family crazy at times, but I have just always loved to make stuff, and it has never seemed to take effort to do create, it’s fun.

I also get asked a lot why don’t I sell my art. I have tried, but truth is, I am not a salesman. I enjoy making and creating, and it is difficult for me to set a price on my creations, because most of my investment is time, and I really do enjoy the time I spend making them. How do I charge someone else for time that I enjoyed? The other issue for me with selling is that I love to try out new ideas with my art. I enjoy the creating, and the finished product is like a byproduct to me. If I had to mass produce the same thing…or in some cases make something more than once, it wouldn’t be as much fun.

So here’s when the idea for a blog came to me… I love teaching. I really do get satisfaction from my job. Teaching others how to make and enjoy art is essentially combining two of the things I am passionate about, so why not? This is where the name Artzcool came from. Am I going to make a full time living as a blogger? Probably not, but I am enjoying writing even if I am the only one who follows my blog (other than my husband and mom of course!)

The last thing I want to share with people is the most important thing in my life, my kids and my husband. Where do they fit in here? How do I have time to do all of these projects? I am going to try to include the answer to this in my posts. My kids are involved in the majority of projects I undertake. The “help” with the stirring, or ” help” me put things together, or they create along with me using the same materials, or sometimes even my scraps. I will try to share with you their role in my creative projects. I should also mention here that I have to give my amazing husband total credit in this department. He often ends up playing with the kids after they get bored of helping me. He is supportive of the dining room table being taken over as a sewing machine table, and the living room floor being used as a tea production line, or both at the same time. I am truly thankful for his support and help…I know I sometimes drive him crazy.

So, I’m not sure if that is even what I should be writing on this page, but I figure it’s important to know why and how I came to write this blog. Please comment and ask questions, I would love to hear your feedback

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    • Hi, I know I am REALLY late in replying, but I have just listed them the Learning Skills Comments on TeachersPayTeachers.com you can find them by searching for artzcool. I also added a free self evaluation for students


  1. Hi! The site looks pretty cool!
    I have a proposition … (beware!)
    I publish a small, digital ministry magazine for girls 9-12 years old. We give away anywhere from 100 to 300 copies each publication depending, I assume, what’s going on in the girls’ lives, what the theme of the month is and what the cover looks like. Each issue includes 5 devotionals, 2 articles about the theme, a new way to learn a Bible verse and 2 activities. (And that’s where I’d like to invite you to come in.)
    I’d like permission to publish a post from your blog ever once in a while, giving you full credit and a link back to your blog. Because most of our readers are homeschooled, moms certainly give us the once-over before the girls read and often use activities as part of the homeschool program. You may well gain readership and our girls wouldn’t have to constantly deal with my writing! (We have about a dozen writers, but I always seem to be responsible for the activities sections. Go figure!)
    Anyway, if you’re interested, please reply here. I’ll keep an eye out and get you the info you need. Or, if you’re interested, go to Amazon, look for ‘Tween Girls and God — Freedom (in November) or Joy (in December) and find the free download issue. Our email address is located inside and you can drop me a line that way. I hate to leave it here in case of bot-spammers, so please forgive my hesitancy.
    Looking forward to doing some of these projects myself, and to hearing from you soon. 🙂
    Have a happy holiday season and craft on! 🙂


  2. I recently purchased a used Louis Vuitton on Poshmark. Interior smells terrible and is stained. Do you offer purse relining services? I saw a blog of yours. I just want it to be clean and new I am not concerned with it looking like an original louis lining. Please let me know if you offer this service. thanks! Chrissy


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