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Medal and ribbon display!

Medal and ribbon display!

My next project this summer has been my son’s room… He has been asking me do do it all summer, so I finally caved. He wanted a sports theme, and was really interested in picking his own paint colour, so I took him to Home Depot, and check out the paint colour her picked!     

When we first moved into the house, he was about 6, and he decided that he really wanted a Van Gogh mural on his wall…. Ok, fine, I’ll admit it was totally my idea… But he did really like it! Here is what his room looked like before we painted…. (By painting I mean, sanding, priming, sanding again, then painting two more coats of the green! That Starry Night was quite a few layers of thick paint!) 

 I even painted a lot of the swirls with glow in the dark paint, so it looked even cooler with the lights off. I’m going to miss my Van Gogh, but totally understand his wanting to change it 😦 

So, his request for a sports room wasn’t really a surprise. He has played on summer and winter soccer teams since he was 4, he has played baseball for the past 4 or 5 years, and he is now playing rep basketball. Put this together with school track and field, school basketball, and other school events, he has accumulated a few trophies, ribbons, and medals over the years. So after painting, we thought we would start with a way to display all of his awards. 

I started by buying a couple cheap curtain rods, and I found these curtain clips (I used the same type of clips for the diningroom curtains). I’ll show you a close up later…   

Here are some of his ribbons….


To hang the ribbons, we started by punching a hole in each ribbon. We tried it without the hole, and it worked, but they looked much flatter with the hole.  

Then, to open the clips, we just squeeze them open, and threaded them on the curtain rod.  

I bought enough hoops that we did all of the ribbons he had, plus we even have some left over for future ribbons…  I used the mounting hardware that came with the curtain rods, the hang up the rods….just two screws on each side…  

Then, we hung the rod and straightened out the ribbons.  And we hung a second curtain rod for his medals…    We were really happy with the little display. We put up shelves beside to display his trophies too…

The thing I like about this display is that there is room to grow. We can keep adding ribbons, trophies, and medals as the years pass by. 

Now that we have found a great way to display his accomplishments, our next project  is to make some artwork for the walls…we still need to tone down the green a little! 

Btw, I thought I would share this too… Before we painted and moved his furniture, we used this app to see what it would look like. It actually saved us some time and energy because we could move around the furniture and then see what it would look like in the 3D view. The app is called interior design… 

This is the before….


And the after…

Wish I could show you the 360 view!  

We adjusted the virtual furniture so it was approximately the same size as his real furniture, and we tried a few different arrangements before we found one we liked. Much easier than moving the real stuff!

Family portrait!


My grandfather just celebrated his 96th birthday, so we had a great excuse to get together with all of my cousins! My grandfather and grandmother had two children, my mom and aunt, and they each had three children, and now their children are all having children. So, with spouses and babies, the family totals 25, and growing!
So, needless to say, to get a family portrait of all of us together is next to impossible! Plus, the fact that we all live 2 1/2 hours away, makes it more difficult! This is why I was digging out the old collages I made of Dylan and Sam in one of my posts last week. We wanted to give my grandfather a family portrait for his birthday, so why not make a collage?
I asked Everyone to email me a picture of themselves. I told everyone to try to make it a whole body shot, or from the waist up. This is a shot of some of the pictures that I had to work with…

So as you can see, there was a variety.. Some couples, some close up, some a little farther away.
I cut around each picture as close to the lines as I could, careful to cut out any of the background.

This is my brothers family. So, there is a bit of a trick to placing the photos. I tried to overlap them in a way that looked natural and covered up and details or parts I didn’t want to show.
This picture of my brother is a really nice one, but his baby is several months older now, and he sent me a better picture of her, where she is smiling and looking at the camera…

So, the angles worked, that I could overlap the two pictures like this…

Then, I overlapped the next two photos in a similar way…

If someone had their arm out or is reaching out, I tried to put that in front of another picture.

Basically, I put together each family in the same way, then I followed the same process to assemble the families together.
For my grandfather, I assembled the family in a long line, which you will see at the end. I also typed out the words, “happy birthday! We love you!” Because we don’t have a colour printer, I typed and printed the letters, then coloured each letter before gluing it.


Here is what it looks like finished…

I liked the one for my grandfather so much that I thought it would make a great mothers day present for my mom and my aunt too. So, I developed another set of the pictures, cut them out and glued them down using the same method of grouping each family, except I arranged the photos into more of a family tree. I also added my father, uncle, and grandmother, who have all passed away.


As you might be able to see, I made one family tree starting from the bottom growing up, and the other one from the top going down. Both were organized by sides of the family, and birth order, the same way you would organize a family tree.
The thing I like the most about this idea is that it included everyone, including my dad! I can only hope that in 60 years, I will have accomplished as much as my Grampy has! Happy birthday!
Now, I have to make another one for myself, and then maybe I’ll do another one for my dads side of the family, or johns family!