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“Adults Only” Gummy Bears! 

“Adults Only” Gummy Bears! 

I think I might have posted about this one before, but it is worth sharing again! Vodka soaked gummy bears….how can that not be a good idea?  I have made these a few times now, and even though they are pretty easy to make, I have learned a few tricks….

First, and most important, make sure they are clearly labelled, not for kids! They do have a strong vodka taste, so I can’t see kids eating a whole bowl of them, but keep them hidden in the back of the fridge clearly labelled that they are for adults only.

There are only two delicious  ingredients… Vodka and gummy bears. Start by putting the gummy bears into a non metal container, and pour enough vodka over them so they are covered.  If you use a metal container, they end up having a metallic sort of taste. Tupperware or ceramic works best. 

They need to be covered and refrigerated, and need at least a few days to absorb all of the vodka, just pour a little more on top each day as they absorb the vodka.  The plate below probably had at least a cup of vodka added.  I think the best way to tell if they are done is through a taste test. I recommend trying them a few at a time, just to be sure… Wink, wink. 

 Last tip, they must be kept in the fridge. If not, they end up looking kind of like the picture below. Still taste delicious, but not as yummy looking. Lol. I would also recommend giving them a quick stir every day until they are eaten, if they become too sticky, just add a couple tablespoons of vodka.  

I used a ceramic plate to spread them out, in the fridge and they didn’t stick together quite as much.  They do end up a little sticky and slimy, so I would serve them with toothpicks, or tongs, or in little serving cups. 

Last tip, I would suggest that if you are serving these while kids are around, have a separate bowl of regular gummy bears for kids, you know, so it isn’t “sooo unfair” (once again, speaking from experience) 

I would love to try other candies as well. I have seen people dissolving hard candy in vodka to give it a candy flavour too. Hmmm, so many possibilities!  Enjoy! 

A treat for adults only…no kids!


We do a lot of entertaining over the summer… I think the combination of john and I both being on holidays for the summer, and the fact that we have a pool means we get a lot of visitors. Which is a big part of our decision to buy our house. So I think I will share some of the things I have been trying for entertaining this year…I am all about preparing things ahead of time. I really try to avoid being stuck in the kitchen, missing the party. Here is something I tried yesterday that was sooo easy, unique, and delicious.

My biggest weakness, bar none, is candies. So when I saw this I had to try it!
Please note…these candies are for adults only. I had to save some in a separate bowl for the kids to eat.
Basically you need gummy bears and vodka.

Here’s where it gets tricky… Pour the vodka into the gummy bears and leave it… I even poured the vodka right into the container…That’s it. I tried a couple after about 5 minutes, they tasted pretty good…strong. But after I let them sit overnight, they soaked up all of the excess vodka. I ended up adding about a cup and a half of vodka in total! They did get a little sticky, and slimy, so I spread them out on a tray…

I just passed out them out like that, but if I wanted to be fancy, I could serve them like this…

I had some left over and i have added a little more vodka a little bit at a time, and they are still soaking it up! They are very slimy and sticky though…next time I am going to serve them with some fancy tooth picks…