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Stolen Apple Butter


You know how sometimes food tastes better when someone else has made it? Well, I think these apples taste better just because we didn’t actually grow them…again, I would like to thank our neighbors for their delicious apples which hung over on our side of the fence!
After I made apple crisp, I still had about five cups of slice apples left over, so I decided to try making apple butter.
Basically, I put the apples into a saucepan, added a cup of apple juice, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and 4 cups of sugar.

I cooked it for about 1/2 hour, until the apples were really mushy. I have seen quite a few recipes that boil the apples all day, but I was on a time limit!

Then I used the blender stick thing (sorry, can remember what you call them) to purée the apples.

I let it boil for a few more minutes, and then poured them into my hot sterilized jars.

The apple butter was a little runny when hot, but thickened right up when it cooled…


It ended up making 9 jars. I now have a pretty stocked jam cupboard, ready for Christmas gifts! I just need to order some labels. I have been using masking tape so far.



When life gives you rotten apples, make strudel!


If you have been reading my blog, you know that it was Dylan’s birthday last week, and we had the family over to celebrate. Tomorrow is his birthday party with his friends from school.
Anyways, in my rush to clean up for company coming over last week, I shoved a bag of apples in the bread drawer, just so it wouldn’t take up counter space… And to make a long story short… I just found the bag this morning. Btw… John thinks I should change the title of this post to, “When WIFE gives you rotten apples, make strudel” lol. Anyways, I had to toss a couple apples, and the rest were very ripe. So, I cut them up, and peeled them. I had a package of phyllo in the freezer, so I pulled it out to thaw.
To make strudel, you need a filling, such as apples, bread crumbs, sugar, and butter.

Making strudel is pretty easy because you can buy the phyllo dough at just about any grocery store. You just have to remember to give it enough time to thaw.
For the apple filling, I like to add some oats to soak up some of the apple juice that comes out while cooking. In a bowl, I mixed the apple pieces (probably from 10 apples), with about a cup of the oats, 1/2 cup of brown sugar (or sucanat if you are avoiding sugar), a tablespoon of flour and a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Then, put that aside to prepare the dough. Melt a few tablespoons of butter in the microwave first, then begin by spreading out a full sheet of the dough on a flat surface.

The trick to making the crust flaky and crumbly is the butter and bread crumbs. Between each layer of the phyllo dough, use a pastry brush to paint it with melted butter, then generously sprinkle the entire sheet with bread crumbs, then sugar. Put the next layer on top and repeat. I find that 5 layers works well for a strudel.

The first time I made strudel, I didn’t put the breadcrumbs between the layers and the dough never cooked because it was so thick. The breadcrumbs help keep the layers apart, so they all cook and get crunchy.
Anyways, once I had done 5 layers, I spooned out my apple mixture onto the dough…
the layers

Then, rolled it up so the ends were tucked under…

To make it brown, and shiny when cooked, i always brush an egg whit onto the top, and sprinkle with sugar. Because the strudel is so flaky, I have found that cutting the top before cooking also makes it much easier to slice when it is cooked.

It takes about 30-35 minutes at 350 degrees to turn a golden brown… Yummy!

Note, these will freeze well, but when thawed, the crust will be soft, you need to stick them back in the oven for abut 10 minutes to crunch them up.