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Chocolate bunny part 1…


We all know that everything tastes better when it’s dipped in chocolate right? Well, we decided to try out a couple favourites this week… Chocolate dipped banana, and chocolate dipped rice crispie squares. That chocolate bunny left over from Easter has been calling my name, so I finally decided to listen to it…I listened to it melt in my pot! lol

To melt the bunny, I put it on my double broiler, which is really a pot filled with water and a Pyrex bowl that fits nicely on top.
Then I looked through the cupboards to find some stuff I could dip in chocolate. I found some prepackaged rice crispie squares, and a couple ripe bananas. We decided to put everything on a stick. I find that Popsicle sticks are too big and tend to split some things, so I actually prefer to use coffee stir sticks. They are not as strong, but are much easier to work with.


The stick made it a little easier to dip because you had something to hold on to, but we had to be careful, because they really softened when dipped in the warm chocolate, and a couple fell off the sticks. So work quickly. Dip the ends in the melted chocolate, using a fork to spread the chocolate around and remove any excess. I did this part for the kids.


Then, I handed them over to the kids to add the sprinkles…we tried mini m&m’s on the bananas…

However, I wouldn’t recommend using them, because they just slid right off the rounded banana because they were so heavy. But we waited until they had cooled a little then sprinkled a couple more on top. They would have worked better on the flat crispie squares.

we found some regular sprinkles, and some butterfly sprinkles for the crispie squares. We poured them into a bowl and sprinkled them on top with the bowl underneath.

We let them cool in the fridge on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper. The banans barely had time to cool before we ate them! I think next time I think I will cut them into slices and make smaller, easier to eat banana pops.


The best part is that I had extra melted chocolate, and extra m&m’s… So I poured the chocolate onto some waxed paper and sprinkled the m&m’s on top. Mmmmm