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Dylan’s sporty cake


I can’t believe my son is NINE years old today! Wow, how much my life has changed since then! But, if I could go back I wouldn’t change a thing.. How could I?
Ok, before I get all mushy, I’d like to share with you the cake we made for Dylan’s birthday…here’s how we did it…
I started with making a box of cake mix, as per the directions, and divided in half to make a square cake and a circular cake. Once they cooled a little, I popped them out of their pans.

Then, I trimmed off the tops to make them level.

I will give you a condensed version of how I decorated the cake, but if you want more detailed instructions about any step, just let me know!
I used coloured fondant to decorate the cake. I had a pack of Wilton’s that had a variety of skin tones, and I also added some gel food colouring to make them the shades I wanted.

Using the fondant, I hand made baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls and footballs. I did this by rolling small balls, flattening them, then adding details with coloured fondant that I had rolled into really thin snakes. Here are a couple of the footballs I made:

Btw, a great trick for working with fondant is to keep all of the pieces you are not using under a damp towel. They dry quickly, and if you don’t cover them up, the fondant will become hard and crack.
Once I had made about four or five of each ball, I laid them out on a piece of parchment paper, and added the tiniest bit of water to act as glue, to attach all of the balls together.

Then I flipped the piece over and added green fondant to all the spaces, or holes. Then I used a rolling pin to roll out and flatten the entire piece.

As you can see in the finished cake, I used the rolled out piece to cover the square cake, and I ended up cutting down the rounded cake to make more of a cake topper.
Dylan said he also wanted a jersey on the cake, so I cut pieces out of fondant to make the jersey, and the number 9.

And…. Drum roll please…. Here is the finished cake! Ready for the party tomorrow… Looking forward to it, it’s supposed to be a beautiful day!