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Santa’s Little Helpers!


My girlfriend and her daughter came over this afternoon for a craft date. After she left, I was thinking that we met when we were 13 years old…. 27 years ago! (Yes, I am now 40) Wow.
Anyways, the boys were out at basketball for the afternoon, so we decided to make some crafts. We made two different kinds of clay, some foam decorations and we made these adorable little elves. The thing I love about the elves is that none of them looked the same! They were simple, easy and quick. They turned out well, and every one looks a little different!
To make these little elves, you need a bunch of beads, including a larger one for the head and body, a couple pipe cleaners, or wire, and a bit of felt. We also attached a ribbon to the top to hang them on the tree. But, they are also so sweet posed sitting on a shelf or mantle.

Start by making a loop with the pipe cleaner and twist it around the ribbon, then thread on the head…Btw, if you don’t have these cute little face beads, use a Sharpie to draw a couple eyes on a regular wooden bead.

Then use a glue gun to run a bead of glue around the bottom of the hat to stick it to the head. Then, add another row of glue to close the hat and glue it to the ribbon.


Here is what he looks like from the front…

Then thread a bead for the body (or a bunch of smaller beads), and using a second pipe cleaner, thread a few beads for arms…

To attach the arms, twist the pipe cleaner around the neck. Then, so the beads don’t come off , bend a loop at the end of each arm, which are also perfect for hands!

There are a many different ways to make the legs, you can attach them the same way as the arms and cut off the excess pipe cleaner from the body. Or, you can thread another leg through the beads on the body, which is sometimes a tight squeeze. That is the way I attached the legs on this elf. But, I also added a little bit of hot glue to the pipe cleaner before I pushed the two beads together.

The next step is to thread on the beads for the legs…After threading the legs, cut off the pipe cleaner and bend it in half to make the feet.

You could stop there, and it is adorable! I added a scarf to this one…

We had a lot of these, we made short ones, fat ones, skinny ones…


I love this one that Sam made!

Here are a few others…


I can’t wait to put up our tree and pose them climbing up the tree and hanging off branches.