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Today’s project -reindeer cake pops!



Ok, so yesterday’s post was so easy, I will try another today…
Today we tried to make reindeers, but they were a lot tougher!
I started by melting butterscotch chocolate chips. I simply put the bag of the chips into cup of hot water until they melted -I used the bag from the bulk food store I bought them in. After they melted, I cut off the corner and squeezed out “y’s” to use for the antlers.


Then, while they were cooling, I used the double boiler to melt some semi sweet chocolate chips. We dipped the sticks into the melted chocolate, let it set for a couple minutes, then dipped the cake pops in the chocolate.

This is when it got tricky and messy. The chocolate has to be soft to put the antlers in, but sticking the antlers in was tricky! The cake kept breaking and falling off, so make sure you make extras! I did the antlers first, then used the same candy eyes as the snowman (bought from Bulk Barn). We used cinnamon hearts for the noses. I let them cool on the styrofoam tray, then packaged them in cellophane bags. We made about 10, then got a little frustrated and made some plain ones, dipped in various sprinkles, with a cinnamon heart on top.


This afternoon, we are going to make and decorate sugar cookies…

Snowman cake pops with the kids



OK, so here goes…my first actual real post….
Today, the kids and I made cake pops. So, i’ll write my first post to show you how we made them!

To make the actual cake part of the pops, we used a cake pop maker I bought from from walmart for about $10.00. The cake pop maker works the same way as a waffle or sandwich maker. We mixed up a box of cake mix as directed, then spooned in a tablespoon of mix into each section of the cake pop maker, then closed the lid and waited.
When they had cooled off, we melted some white chocolate on the stove in a glass bowl set on top of a pot of simmering water.
This first step is important…Dip the stick into the melted chocolate before you put the stick into the cake… This works as a glue so the cake doesn’t just slide off the stick.
Then, we dipped the bottom half of the cake into the melted chocolate before putting it on the stick. This just makes it easier to cover the entire ball with the chocolate. We then rolled the ball in the melted chocolate to cover the rest of it.
We dipped the second ball into the chocolate, put it on the stick, then rolled both balls in the melted chocolate again.
This is where it got really messy! The kids were holding onto the sticks to let them drip, and there was chocolate dripping everywhere! We ended up sticking holes into a piece of styrofoam and letting them drip on that.




We then quickly added the eyes (I bought these candy eyes at Bulk Barn, but I think if I did this again, I might use something a little smaller). And the orange nose was added using a little bit of orange candy I found (Jolly ranchers work well, so would any orange soft candy, but you could also use fondant, if you have it). We tried using chocolate sprinkles for the mouth, but learned that it is really hard to get them to stay where you want…especially when your hands are covered in sticky melted chocolate! So, we let the chocolate set a little bit and then used a stick to “draw” a line with chocolate and then dropped the sprinkles on to make the snowman’s mouth.

Finally, after everything had a few minutes to set up, we tied on a licorice scarf.

To keep the snowman fresh, I put them in little bags tied up with ribbon. I am going to try putting one in the freezer to see if they will freeze.
Here is a photo of the finished snowmen. We also made some plain ones with sprinkles topped with an edible snowflake.


Ok, that’s it for my first post… That was actually not too difficult!
I’ll have to think about what project to show next!