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What to do with all that Easter candy? Make a craft!


As responsible parents, John and I try to limit the amount of candy that the kids get during the holidays (mostly because I end up eating most of it!) This year, the kids wrote a letter to the easter bunny asking her for money for their MS readathon instead of so much candy, which was great, but, by the time we did an easter egg hunt at my brothers, then John’s sisters, plus the chocolates I made, we ended up with a basketful of sugar (I know, I know, there could be far worse problems… right?) Anyways, instead of eating it all, we decided to use some of it to make a craft.
So when the girl from across the street came over, we thought we would try making some jewelry. We started by digging up some jewelry findings, like pin backs, bobby pins, and barrettes.


Then, we looked through our candies, and the girls picked out the prettiest ones.

Then, the girls came up with designs they liked with the candies, then we glued the candies to the findings with a glue gun…

Obviously, these need to be sealed, so I dug up the leftover epoxy I had left from making my “coffee coffee table” The epoxy is called Envirotex, and it comes in two bottles that you have to mix together. I used medicine cups to measure, to make sure the amounts were equal…yes, I actually measured! If you don’t get an even amount, you will end up with a gooey mess that will never set.

I used a popsicle stick to stir for over a minute, scraping the sides of the container. Then we used paintbrushes to paint the candies. The girls liked doing this part, but we had to clean off their hands with nail polish remover, because it is oil based.

Here are some of the pieces we made…

I had some extra Envirotex left over so I mixed in a few coffee beans, and poured them on a frame. It turned out pretty well!

And, Sam wore her barrette to school today…

She did come home saying that none of the kids believed they were real candies… I took that as a compliment…too bad you can’t do this with chocolate.

I’ll put this picture on Pinterest…


Better than Cadbury Easter cream eggs!


I have made these Easter eggs for the last 10 years… At least! I love them because they are so sweet! They are very similar to the cream filled eggs, but better! The thing that I like the most is that I know exactly what is in them.
This recipe makes about 100 small eggs. I used to make them a lot bigger, but trust me, they are very rich. We cut them into slices!

The ingredients you will need are as follows:
1 can of condensed milk
1/2 cup of butter (softened)
1teaspoon of vanilla
1/4 teaspoon of salt
About 10 cups of icing sugar
Yellow food coloring

Start by mixing together the condensed milk, butter, vanilla, and salt until creamy. As you can see, I had helpers.

Then, I keep adding a cup of icing sugar at a time until it isn’t sticky anymore… I think it was 10 cups, but as you may know about me by now, measuring is not my strong point. I’m more of an estimator.


When you think you have added enough icing sugar, add another cup, roll up your sleeves, and start kneading.


Once you have kneaded enough to gather all of the dough to form one big ball, pull apart about 1/4 of the ball to use for the yolk.

Add a few drops of yellow coloring at a time to the smaller ball, and knead in until you have the yolk colour you want. The kids counted 20 drops this year.
Then, depending on the size of eggs you will be making, roll the yellow dough into little balls in the palm of your hands. The kids were great at this part. We made our balls the size of small marbles.

Then, to make the egg whites, take some white dough, use a bit more than double what you used for the yolk, flatten the white dough in your palm and place the yolk in the middle, then wrap it around the white.



Repeat this until you have used up all of your dough… We made our eggs fairly small this year, so we ended up making over 100. One thing I still have not mastered is the proportion of yellow to white. Every year, I have to make a couple all white, or all yellow “lucky eggs” because I have run out of white or yellow. I lay them out on cookie sheets lined with waxed paper. Let them cool in the fridge for at least an hour before dipping.

Then, after they have cooled, melt some chocolate on a double broiler. I use chocolate chips, or I have also used those solid chocolate Easter bunnies that are on sale everywhere now.

Dip each egg individually, then lay them out on the waxed paper to cool.

Give them a few minutes in the fridge for the chocolate to cool. Depending on how much time you have to invest on these, you can stop here and they are ready to eat…. Or…. you can make them pretty! 🙂
Here is one of my favourite techniques for decorating and chocolate….I use the coloured chocolate you buy at Bulk Barn. Pop a handful into a sandwich bag…

Then, pour some hot water into a mug or bowl, and put in the bag of chocolate. Keep massaging the bag and putting it back into the hot water until all of the chocolate has melted.

Then for the cool part…snip off a tiny corner of the bag, and squeeze! If you cut the hole small enough, you can be quite detailed. If you have any chocolate left over, just let it harden, put it into a new ziplock bag for the next time you need it.

I decorated the eggs with green, blue, and red melted chocolate. I used straight, curly and zig zag lines…

Once you are finished decorating, that them cool again in the fridge for another hour. Then to store them, I line an airtight container with waxed paper and stack them in layers with waxed paper dividing each layer. You should keep these in the fridge, they are good for a few weeks…but I’m not exactly sure, because I don’t think I have ever had them last for that long!