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Cat Poop Cake

Cat Poop Cake

It was my treat day at work last week, so my treat partner and I decided to go with an April fools theme. I will post again some of the other foods we served. But this dish was definitely an attention getter!
I have to say this is by far one of the best cakes I have ever made. And, I have made a lot of cakes over the years (i even iced my own wedding cake the morning we got married….I know, I know) Anyways, I LOVE this cake! The best part is that it was really easy to make and making fake chocolate poo doesn’t require a whole lot of time or talent.
When I looked on Pinterest, I found many different versions to choose from!
I have included a link to one, just so I don’t get all the credit for such a gross idea! But, I did change it up and simplified it a little. After all, making a cake look like a kitty litter box, shouldn’t be overly complicated, right?
Litter Box Cake Link

So, I started by making a normal cake from a regular old cake mix. I baked it right in an aluminum cake pan from the dollar store, just like a real kitty litter box.

After the cake cooled, I iced it using a container of Vanilla Icing from the grocery store. The great part is that you don’t have to be careful at all when icing it because you are covering the entire top in crumbs anyways. I just used icing so the crumbs had something to stick to. I used vanilla oreos. I just crushed them by hand, but it probably would have been a lot faster in the food processor.


Then, to make the poop, I used pieces of Rice Krispie squares. I molded them into poop shapes in my hands, then dipped them in melted chocolate. Like I said before, this doesn’t require a lot of talent. When you think about it , poo isn’t perfect, it comes in all different shapes and sizes, so anything goes!



The kids were totally grossed out! They looked totally realistic! Then, I started thinking that maybe I should make a variety of poop, so I broke up some of the Rice Krispie pieces, and mixed them with the chocolate to use up the last little bit of melted chocolate in the bowl.


All that was left to do was to wait until the poop cooled, then put it on the cake. I bought a scoop from the dollar store that totally looked like a scoop you would use in the litter box.
I LOVED this cake! I just have to find a good enough occasion to make it again!