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Christmas Card Ornaments!


A couple years ago, I found a great craft to make with recycled christmas cards (don’t worry, I’ll share it with you!) But then what happened is people started saving cards for me, then I had to find other projects to make and then, people started saving cards for me…it has been a vicious greeting card cycle! But the good news is that I have a couple fantastic greeting card crafts, and enough cards to last me a few years!
This website craftaholics anonymus had a really cute thanksgiving pumpkin, that I thought would be great as an ornament…here is the original design I saw

So here is project number one…
You need the following materials:
Scissors, a hole punch, greeting cards, and paper fasteners.
Start by picking cards with interesting patterns and designs…Here is the one that I started with…

Then, cut the cards into strips about 1 centimetre wide (for all you Americans, that’s close to 1/2 inch wide) and, punch holes in the top and bottom of each strip.

The next step is to thread all of the strips onto a fastener, one at each end…

Then, to open up the ornament, bend the strips so they form a curve like in the picture.

And start spreading the strips out until they form a sphere. Your sphere is going to look different depending on the width of the strips, and the length of the strips, but here is what my first one looked like:

It was so easy, I got excited! I went through the box of cards, and found a bunch of gold and silver cards.

And, I made a bunch of gold and silver ornaments…