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Recycling crayons


I have seen this idea a million times, now I can finally say That i have tried it!
My kids are at an age where they feel too mature for crayons, so our poor box of crayons has sat unused for months. So yesterday when the kids from across the street came over, I set them to work peeling the paper off our old crayons…

Peeling the paper off kept them busy for about 1/2 an hour, which was great, but there were crayon bits all over the kitchen! As they were peeling, we separated the crayons into colours in my mini muffin tins, as you can see in the above picture. We tried to find monochromatic colours and mixed a little light green with the yellow, and orange with the red. Etc.
Then I put the oven on about 325 degrees, and we put them in the oven, watched, and waited.

In about ten minutes, they were almost liquid…

I took them out oven, let them cool for a little bit, then put them into the fridge to cool. Here is what they looked like just out of the oven. I have to say I was a little worried that all of the colours had mixed together…

But when we popped them out of the tins, the bottoms looked much better!

We gave some to the neighbors, kept a few, and gave some to my nephew for his first birthday. These are so much easier to hold than a regular crayon for tiny hands. It was fun, I would like to try using a candy mold maybe…maybe you could melt one colour at a time tomake rainbow crayons…don’t worry… .I’ll keep you posted if I try it!