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Dandelion crowns!


Where we live right now, the dandelions are in full bloom, I am not a huge fan of dandelions on our property, but I absolutely love fields full of them! Every year for mother’s day, I have Dylan and Sam sit in a dandelion field so I can take a few pictures…Sam usually poses with a dandelion crown.
So, the park close to our house is in full bloom right now, so we took a walk and sat down and tried to make a dandelion crown…
There are two different ways.. Here is the easiest..
Start by crossing two stems, the one on top should be up and down, and the one on the bottom is horizontal…

Then, you wrap the bottom stem around the top stem, making sure that the stem ends up on top of the flower…

Now you simply make sure the stem has looped over the flower and bring it back down with the other stem..

Keep repeating the same steps, put a new flower under the stems, wrap the new stem around and over the new flower, then Holbrook it with the rest of the stems…

Put the new flower, wrap stem around and over, then bring down with the rest of the stems…
If you keep putting the flowers on the same way, it will start to make a spiral pattern…

That’s it!
Now, the second way is my favourite, but it is a little trickier, Sam had difficulty with this one. Basically you start out with three long stemmed dandelions, cross them as if you were going to braid them…

Then basically what you do is braid the stems, but every time you cross over a stem to braid, you add another flower, almost the same as when you are French braiding. I like this one, because the result is a nice thick band of flowers, but the back is plain. The back looks like this…

But, look what you end up with!



By the way, these techniques will also work with other flowers like daisies, or other wild flowers with longer stems! I’ll have to wait a month or so until some other flowers are blooming!