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Encyclopedia Flower vases


I am really excited about finally finishing all of my encyclopedia flowers. I made over thirty five flowers, in three different styles, just wait until you see what they look like! But the thing I was missing is a container for them. I didn’t think it would be right to put them in a plain glass vase, so I won’t to the dollar store and found some cool glasses, that were 2 for $1.50… Perfect. All they need now is a little recycled flair! I have just started using Mod Podge, and it is expensive, but a lot of fun!

Materials needed
Old encyclopedias, or recycled books or paper
Vases, or glasses

I decided to make these vases black and white, so i ripped out a few pages that were black and white, then i ripped the paper into smaller pieces, or strips. You can also cut the paper if you want, but i like the ripped look better. To stick the paper to the glass, start by painting the glass with Mod Podge, then stick the paper on top, and paint another layer of the Mod Podge on top to seal it.


I was lucky enough once again to get some help…

We continued until the vases were completely covered. I finished the top and bottom with a cut edge to make it look neater.


Then I decided they looked a little plain, so I cut out some black text boxes, and red hearts, and added two to each vase…


I added a little bit of dry floral foam to each vase, and added my flowers. To finish it off, I covered the floral foam with some shredded paper. They are now ready for display in the library!




Decoupage eggs



Here is a craft I did a couple of years ago that I did with the kids this year… I think they might have been frustrated with doing it before now. It’s a great way to use up those plastic eggs, and scraps of wrapping and tissue paper. Also, I think you could use these for decorations at other times of the year too!

You will need the following materials:
Tissue or wrapping paper
White glue
An old brush
Plastic eggs

To begin, you only need a small piece of paper. You could decorate a couple eggs with a square foot of paper. You can use tissue paper, or a more glossy type of paper like wrapping paper.

As you can see we are already in the Easter spirit!


Begin by ripping up the paper into about one inch squares. You could also cut the paper, but I like the look of the rips, and also find the fibers of the paper stick a little easier when ripped.
Next, paint the glue onto the egg then stick the paper on top and brush on some more glue on top. This will also seal in the paper and give it a shiny look.

The last step is to fill up the rest of the egg with strips of paper. You may find you need wider strips for some parts and narrower, smaller pieces for other parts of the egg, depending on the curve.

Also, you can use tissue paper or thicker, glossy wrapping paper. But, if you are using thicker paper, i would suggest you cut it into smaller pieces, that way, you won’t get as many wrinkles.
The kids did a pretty good job making their eggs! We found if you cover half of the egg, take a break and let it dry for a little, then glue the rest, it doesn’t stick to your fingers quite as much!

Here are some others I made with different papers….