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Fairy wings!


I know it’s hard to believe, but people sometimes give me a hard time and poke fun of me a little about some of my craft projects. The other day as I was leaving work, a friend of mine, in jest, asked me what project I was going to be working on tonight… The truth is that most of the time, by the time I am walking out of the door of work, I have no idea.
The other day was no different. I drove home thinking that I would put a second coat of paint on Sam’s walls, but when I got home I learned something different. Dylan had a film company coming in to work with his class to film a story he wrote. He told his group that he would bring in a pair of fairy wings for the next morning. But can you believe that we don’t have any fairy wings? I don’t know where we missed this purchase…. We have multiple tiaras, numerous fairy wands, a variety of tutus, and princess ball gowns in a variety of colours (all of which I tried to convince Dylan would make appropriate fairy costumes.) But, no fairy wings! And apparently, fairy wings were essential. Period. So, with that argument settled, we needed to find some wings.
I dug out a couple coat hangers, some of Sam’s old pink tights, and duct tape. Have I mentioned how much I love duct tape yet?

I started by cutting about a foot long length of stocking, poking a small hole in the middle, then stretching the stocking around the hanger. I did the same to the other hanger, then taped them together using duct tape.


Then I used a needle and thread to gather the open ends of the stocking and sew them to the center


After I had finished sewing the wings, I covered my stitching with a layer of duct tape.

To decorate the wings, I dug up some rhinestones and silver sparkly hot glue sticks. I glued the rhinestones on the front and back of the wings, then decorated the remaining space with the sparkly hot glue.


Finally, I duct taped a couple loops of sewing elastic for the straps. Fairy wings done…what’s next? Bring it on!