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Happy Happy New Years Homemade Baileys


Happy new year!
I thought it would be fitting to share one of my favorite hostess gifts with you because it is relatively inexpensive, and very easy, and people are always very impressed with this recipe.
So, all you need is
1cup of Irish whiskey (most important- although, some times I add half that…I know, I know, I am getting old! My new year’s resolution last year was to drink more…)
1 cup of of cream
1 can of condensed milk (what makes it taste so good)
A couple tablespoons of chocolate milk mix (the liquid kind)
And if you have it, a little bit of coconut extract

Put everything in the blender for about a minute, then pour it into a nice bottle and there you go! Drink it ice cold or with ice cubes. It is also great on ice cream!
Don’t forget to drink responsibly! Happy new year!