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Fancy Smancy Jars


I have been busy cleaning out the basement…Every spare moment I have had, I have tried to go down and sort out a box. I have also been working on bringing stuff from all over the house down. After four years in this house, I have accumulated “crafting stashes” all over the house, so I am working towards putting everything back down in the basement. And, I also have to get making some stuff so I can write about it! But, I didn’t figure me cleaning out the basement was the most exciting thing to read about.
Here was a quick little craft I made last weekend when I came across a box of jars in the basement. Here is what they looked like before…

I took off the lids and placed them inside a paper bag.

I dug up some silver metal spray paint…

And gave them a few coats of paint. I sprayed a light coat, waited about 20 minutes, they added another coat. I think I had to do four coats to fully cover each lid.

I had some drawer pulls that I bought at a garage sale last summer that worked perfectly as handles. I was going to drill a hole in the lids to screw the pulls on, but then I realized the screws were way too long, and I thought about the food inside the jars, so I decided to just glue the pulls on with a hot glue gun.

Then, I added a little rhinestone to cover the hole.

They turned out really cute! I think I will use them for white and brown sugar, tea bags, that sort of thing.




That’s it for today!