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Fortune cookies in foam…


After we made real fortune cookies, I did a little research on line and found instructions for paper fortune cookies, so I thought, why not make foam fortune cookies?

I am going to use this as a craft with the girl guides group I volunteer with, so these pictures are of the samples I made. I typed out a few fortunes, and cut them into strips to put inside, but I also cut some blank strips for kids to make up their own fortunes. I added photos of the fortunes I made when i baked fortune cookies with the kids too. These would be a lot of fun to personalize, and add some humour.


Start by cutting a circle. You can trace the top of a yogurt container, or just free hand cut a circle.

Fold the circle in half and add your fortune…

Now, this step is tricky the first time, but once you get it, it’s easy! What you do is fold it in half again, but you fold it almost sideways. Take a look at the picture…

Then, to hold it closed, I simply stapled them at the open ends…

That’s it! I keep thinking of ways I could use this in the classroom… What about having students write predictions about what is going to happen in a story, then opening them up later? Or what about asking questions then putting them inside? What about writing math questions? I can keep going…Birthday party invitations…place card holders…party favors…